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Advisory services in the field of information technology and geographic systems

Secure data for information technology provides consulting services in the structuring and development of systems, with necessary documents in accordance with international standards set for these systems. It also provides consulting services in the structuring and development of systems based on geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping systems in general, and the integration between them and other systems.

Geographic Systems Development

Developing the geographic systems and publishing it on the internet and take advantage of the spatial data to link and integrate them with other systems, can also use other maps systems that cost less as Google maps and integrate them into geographic systems or Websites, and state the results and the spatial analysis which will benefit the users of the system in general and specially the decision-makers to make the appropriate decisions.

Custom systems development

Secured Data for information technology is seeking to provide all the technical solutions, develop it and implement it in the highest level of modern technology. It submitted projects allocated according to specific needs identified by the client, in order build a strong relationship between them and the customers based on quality and credibility in dealing.

SMS services

The short messages (SMS) have been considered to be one of the common and economics ways of communication. Secure data of information technology provides varied solutions for SMS at the lowest costs by using a Web application which allows the user to send SMS, archive messages, import and export figures, the creating the groups and other services. Notifications can also be sent via linkage mechanism to any other system.

Gas stations management system

Fuel Management system has been developed in a high professional manner to include all required processes to manage the stations, such as shift management, fuel tanks and automatic counters reading. It includes the management of all financial transactions related to the purchase and selling the fuel, in cash, later pay or prepaid coupons, also includes the registration of all accounting processes needed by the station as staff salaries, expenses and revenues. The system also allows exporting reports, bills and bonds that are necessary for all types of financial operations.

Transportation Operations Management System

The system manages the transfer process of containers to/from the port, internal transport operations, responses and permissions.It also manages financial transactions which are related to customers, drivers, vehicles and penalties. The system provides updated automatic lists of ports, storage yards and customers.

Vehicle Paint System

The system estimates the quantities and the cost of paint’s materials needed to repairs vehicles of all sizes and models with high accuracy, including the formats of color’s component. It also includes all inventory management processes as purchase requests and updates inventory materials, easy checking for all the processes associated with paint. The system also provides a variety of comprehensive reports and indicators which help decision makers in senior management.

Notification management system and performance measurement

The flexibility of the system provides a useful solution any agent of operational activity, where the system manages the client’s complaint process (communication, maintenance, accident, etc.) starting from the stage of complaint’s registration to problem resolving stage. The system are monitoring and recording the processes and time consumed in each phase to conclude and evaluate the performance, in whole or in progress for operators and procedures. Using the system indicators and benchmarks. The owner can discover the defects in the operation, the operator, or the procedures in order to improve it to get a higher operational performance.

Inventory management system

Using the installed RFID chip on the assets, the system can provide a comprehensive report of the available assets quickly and easily. Using the same RFID chip, the system presents a tracking process for the asset among the stores. It also allows the users to determine the mechanisms of alert by e-mail or SMS in case of assets moved out of a certain range that is predetermined in the system.

Electronic archiving system

Electronic archiving system allows agents to manage and store documents in an easy and safe way and get rid of the traditional paper archive. The system allows easy access to any document or picture. It also allows the authorized users by the system administrator to print a copy of any document. The system supports connectivity and integration with human resource management systems, customer relationship management systems or any other system within the same organization.

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